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Some things I've worked on over the years

React, JavaScript, Webpack, HTML, CSS, and CSS Grid.

Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy is still in active development.

Practice Buddy is a tool to help guitarists and bassists practice modes, chords, and songs. It is written as a single page app in React and uses the newest version of React Router to serve routes.

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Python, Pip, JSON, SHA512 Encryption, REST, and MongoDB.


Passman is a CLI password management application written in Python for password generation, storage, retrieval, updates, and removal, complete with a MongoDB cloud storage solution using RESTful principles. Available on Pip.

React, React Router v. 3, JavaScript, ES6, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and Bootstrap.

Git Flow

Git Flow is an interactive git tutorial that walks users through a git workflow via a step-by-step flowchart. Tutorial content is dynamically generated by manipulating React component state as users work through the flowchart.

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JavaScript, Node, Express, Angular 1, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

OrderUp HookUp

OrderUp HookUp is a restaurant locator, which uses a Node and Express REST API to cross-reference Google location services with the Yelp Fusion Cloud API to find nearby restaurants.

PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, and Bootstrap.

Woody At Random

Interactive Woody Allen film database, capabale of recommending films at random or with interactive search

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Q Programming Language

The Q Programming Language is my own programming language, which allows for developers to manipulate a queue data structure. The Q Programming Language supports both compiled and interpreted runtimes, either compiling programs into an executable, or running programs as they are parsed.

Python and Excel

One of my first programs, is a command-line program that automates retail employee scheduling, including day off requests and preferred shifts in schedule generation.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

Turbo Pup Band Site

A prototype of a Bootstrap website I created for the band Turbo Pup, using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Twitter's Bootstrap.

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